Why Is Table Mountain So Famous?

For years, Table Mountain has been a major eye attraction center in Cape Town. It is a site no person wants to miss in their visit to this divine place. The beautiful biodiversity of floras makes the place one of the landmarks of Cape Town. With Table Mountain so famous and a place that attracts tourists at plenty, its establishment as a landmark is certainly justified. Read below to know the famous facts about Table Mountain.

Famous facts about Table Mountain

  • It has an estimated size of around 25000 hectares.
  • It is said to be visited by around 800000 visitors per year, making it Cape Town’s one of the most visited destinations.
  • Part of its fame lies in the assertion of it being the ancient mountain of Cape Town.
  • It also has a track for cycling spread around 160 kilometers. One needs a permit to gain access to the same.

The main factor as to why tabletop mountain in Cape Town is so famous among visitors is because of the diversity of plants it holds.

Things to remember before visiting

Certainly, the idea of visiting this place with a bounty of various plants and flowers seems like a paradise on this planet. However, there are certain tips and measures one should know before visiting the place.

Make sure to check the weather. If the weather is bad, then cable cars will not be in operation, which will make it difficult for transport.

It is also a place for walkers and hikers who love exploring and being in the plentiful peace nature has to offer.

With five different routes, one can choose any route that provides ease and convenience and, most importantly, whether they opt for the cable car or going there on foot.

Sum up

Hence, these are some of the most viable tips one should remember when visiting this place and enjoying and relishing the company of nature with peace.